1️⃣ vue-bind-once

A tiny, SSR-safe directive for binding random data to an element.

Quick Start

First install vue-bind-once:

yarn add vue-bind-once

# or npm

npm install vue-bind-once --save

Register directive

import { createApp } from 'vue'
import App from './App.vue'
import { BindOnceDirective, BindOncePlugin } from 'vue-bind-once'

const app = createApp(App)
// or app.directive('bind-once', BindOnceDirective)

In most cases you'll be using this directive with an SSR-rendering framework like nuxt, which may have a different way for you to register this directive. For example, in a Nuxt plugin:

import { BindOncePlugin } from 'vue-bind-once'

export default defineNuxtPlugin(nuxtApp => {


You can now use the directive on any element where you need a binding to a value that needs to match between client/server but won't change dynamically afterwards.

<script setup>
  import { nanoid } from 'nanoid'
  const id = nanoid()
  <input type="text" v-bind-once="{ id, name: id }" />
  <label v-bind-once="{ for: id }" />

This will work on both server and on client re-hydration.