A team that rewrote their front-end in Vue.js is doing an AMA

AMA from a team that rewrote their front-end in Vue

The team at Broker built a full-featured trading platform on top of the Vue.js framework and they are very happy with it. To give something back, they decided to share their experience and answer any questions, regarding the development of the trading platform made with Vue. Here is their story:

Some months ago we decided that we need to rewrite our old trading platform's front-end, which was based on PHP templates and a bit of AngularJS. When we searched for an Angular v1 replacement, we stumbled over Vue. We were fascinated about this project and, in retrospective, it was one of the best decisions we ever made to build on top of this framework. We want to use this opportunity to thank all contributors and especially Evan You for this great piece of software.

Anyone who would like to ask a question can do it here.

Some statistics about the single-page app:

  • more than 40 components
  • 10 mixins
  • less than 300kb (including js, css, html, svgs, D3, jQuery; gzip)
  • <500ms scripting time on a modern PC using Chrome

The front end rewritten is on this website (login required to see Vue in action).