Article: A general comparison between two contemporary frameworks, AngularJS and Vue.js

If you come from the front-end world you have definitely come across Angular, and you must know about Vue.js. Also, you might have gone through the Vue.js guide, which according to many is one of the best out there, and in this guide there is a Comparison with Other Frameworks part which can give a quite clear view.

This article can help you out breaking down several characteristics of Angularjs and Vue.js in form of a comparison in examining the following:

  • Documentation
  • Simplicity
  • Ease of usage
  • Speed & performance
  • Syntax
  • Typescript support

In a limited period of time, Vue.js has done overwhelmingly well in every possible aspect. The rising popularity has made Vue.js, a serious contender to consider.

Reading it can help deciding which is best based on your requirements, and focus on the points you are more interested of.

This article was originally submitted to the Argriya blog.