Brandy is a brand asset manager powered by Vue.js

Brandy and Vue.js

Brandy is a project powered by Vue.js and serves as brand asset manager for your menu bar that keeps your team in sync with correct assets at all times. You can drag and drop logos or copy hex codes by clicking color swatches (gradients, fonts), it is like a toolkit to help you stay productive. Brandy stays on top of other windows so you can drag in assets whenever you need them.

Keep brand assets in sync with your team and right at your fingertips for quick use.


Add as many brands as you want and navigate between them quickly Multiple brandsChoose who you want to be able to edit assets Role based accessChanges in the asset bank will be updated realime for all members Realtime updatesOh, you fancy dark mode? You're not alone, that's for sure Dark mode

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Created by @nichlaswa.