Build a Reusable Autocomplete Component with Vue 2.1

Reusable Autocomplete-Input Component - Part 1

In this tutorial, you can learn how the new Scoped Slots feature of Vue 2, works while building a really cool reusable autocomplete component. Follow the steps of the tutorial and see how to:

  • Prepare the project
  • Create the basic elements
  • Use scoped slots to customize option items

Vue has always made it easy for us to build reusable components, and it even made it easier with its v2.1 release.

If your goal was just to learn about scoped slots, you're done by reading the first part. However, if you're also interested in seeing how the rest of the component is built, move on to the second part. By Taha Shashtari.

Check this fiddle to see the final result.

Read this tutorial here.