Circle slider component for Vue.js


Another good looking UI component for Vue.js, a circled slider. Offering many options for customization such as colors, sizes & touch devices support, it is a good solution for almost any project.


  • svg based view
  • binding via v-model
  • defining min & max values
  • defining step size
  • animation while updating to new value on click by circle
  • touch devices support (touchmove)
  • sizes customization: exact and relative definitions
  • colors customization

Working demo of this project available here.


Installation to your Vue project via yarn

yarn add vue-circle-slider

Import it into your app as global component with name CircleSlider

import Vue from 'vue'
import VueCircleSlider from 'vue-circle-slider'



Use it directly to your components and customize it using some of the given properties

<div>{{ sliderValue }}</div>

Set the value of the slider to a number and you can display it along with the slider. For details regarding properties check here.

To learn more about this plugin and its interface check its public repository on GitHub.