Dakika: Vue.js and Electron App for writing minutes

Dakika - An Electron app made with Vue.js

If you are looking for clever projects made with Electron & Vue.js and/or you are writing often meeting minutes, this app is your next stop, Dakika: A minute taking application that makes writing minutes a breeze. Meeting minutes keep an official account of what was done or talked about at formal meetings, including any decisions made or actions were taken.

It is an Electron app that makes writing minutes easier with the following features :

  • Attendant name Shortcut for fast typing
  • Recording Audio
  • Marking Minutes as incomplete
  • Mark Attendance as Present or Absent
  • Generate PDFS (here is a PDF sample)
  • Low Memory and Network Usage
  • Keyboard Shortcuts

The author of this project would appreciate help with the development or donations towards getting a CodeSigning Certificate for Dakika.

You can download the latest release here, along with the code repository where everything you need to know is available.

Dakika was created and submitted by @MadawarDawar.