Data flow in Vue and Vuex, a closer look

A closer look at how to share state across components in vue, data flow in vuex, and a DIY data store.

One of the latest blog posts of Benjamin Listwon has a few nice tips about sharing data in Vue, when you should do it and in which way.

It seems like one of the things that trips people up in Vue is how to share state across components.

He has created three demos where in each implements shared state by using:

These demos are the same thing, two chat windows and when a user send a message it appears in both. They are implemented differently regarding the way data is handled. In every way of the tree there is an explanation on how the data flows, to make it easier to grasp and maybe use later by yourself.

The code is 2.0 specific at a couple points, along with Vuex and see why he calls bindings, an “evil” way for making these work...

Read here what he has to say and to try it for yourself.