Demystifying Frontend Framework Performance (Video)

Nordic.js is a two-day JavaScript conference that took place at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm, 8-9 Sep 2016.

Evan You's presentation was about Demystifying Frontend Framework Performance.

Developers often consider performance an important factor when choosing frameworks, however it is often not so straightforward when trying to measure the performance of a framework. Micro-benchmarks often cover very narrow use cases and most of the time can lead to wrong assumptions. At the same time high level descriptions of a technology can also lead to biased yet unfounded conclusions. In this talk I will walk the audience through the techniques used in major frontend frameworks - namely dirty checking, virtual-dom diffing and dependency-tracking. I will also compare them in different use case scenarios to give users a balanced idea of how each strategy performs under different circumstances. -

Evan's talk

You can watch all the presentations of Nordic.js conference on their YouTube channel.