Font Awesome Icon Generator using Vue.js

Font Awesome Generator

Font Awesome is a CSS framework best known for its pretty icons and being mainly free. It is a great tool for web developement, opensource, and for that reason the Icon Generator exist, to convert Font Awesome icons to PNG images and to create favicons of all sizes, using Vue.js. This project is based on FA2png. Their work inspired this tool.

Head to the favicon-generator and:

  1. Pick or search for an icon (fa-icons)
  2. Choose size
  3. Choose the color of the icon (complete color palette)
  4. Add a background color if you desire to
  5. Add margins around it
  6. Download it!

Android Icon

You can also register in order to save your designs and get back for them later. Thats it!

Made possible with the power ov Vue.js