Forum made with Laravel and Vue.js

Forum VueJS Laravel

Forum is a project based on Laravel 5.3 and Vue 2. It offers a variety of features and functionalities, and you could try forking it and use it maybe in a project of your own. (Feel free to share the results!)


  • User role system, including Administrators, Moderators and standard Users.
  • Ability for Administrators to invite new users, with a specific role, as well as the ability to modify current User's roles.
  • Ability for users to subscribe to Topics.
  • Ability for users to 'report' Posts and Topics.
  • Avatar image uploading to Amazon S3 storage.
  • Markdown support for creating posts. All posts are stored in database as Markdown and are converted to HTML, when needed
  • @mention functionality, alerting Users by email when they are mentioned in a post, including auto link generation, when a User uses the @mention functionality.


  • Users can register and create Topics and Posts.
  • Users may subscribe to any Topic`` and may report anyTopicorPost` for moderation.
  • Owners of Posts or elevated Users may modify or delete Posts.
  • Only admin and moderator accounts may delete Topics.
  • Users can manage their own profile changing to their password and avatar image.
  • All subscribed Users receive emails, via a triggered event when a Topic that they are subscribed to has a Post added to it.
  • Moderators are alerted via email when content is reported and they can easily manage these reports in the Moderator Dashboard.

Packages used in this project

If you would like to see this app in action you can download it, install it and run locally.

You can find the repository on GitHub.