GitLab chose Vue.js!

GitLab with Vue.js

Read about GitLab's decision on using Vue.js. They say that Vue allows their team to write Javascript easy and simple, and the transition to Vue helped them to consistently solve complex problems in much less time.

Vue.js comes with the perfect balance of what it will do for you and what you need to do yourself. If Backbone was anarchy (no one in charge) and Angular is a dictatorship (the Angular team is in charge), I'd say Vue.js is like socialism: you are in definitely in charge, but Vue.js is always within reach, a sturdy, but flexible safety net ready to help you keep your programming efficient and your DOM-inflicted suffering to a minimum. - GitLab

For GitLab, writing Javascript with Vue it is a great alternative to jQuery, because Vue.js + GitLab === Less code. You can read more on their website.