HoneyMoney is a calendar based finance tool powered by Vue.js

HoneyMoney online financing tool with Vuejs

Vue.js has proved to be an efficient tool for building websites and apps. The power of Vue is utilized by HoneyMoney an online tool and mobile app for improving your financial life.

HoneyMoney is a calendar-based way to manage your money better, focusing on cash flow vs "budgeting." It's set up to track your money manually for better awareness, and will help you know how much is safe to spend, how much needs to be reserved, and then ultimately how much you can then save. HoneyMoney is for people who want to keep their money under control, but in an easy and relaxed way.

A personal finance tool for savers, HoneyMoney is a tool based on manual tracking, using the Calendar as the best way to view transactions, plan and enter transactions, allowing to drag and drop to change dates or to copy transactions, search, filter and view stats.

expenses management

expenses management

Check out the available Demo which is fully functional, and it resets automatically every 10 minutes. Demo


Combine Multiple Transactions

  • The total will be calculated automatically
  • Add/subtract/multiply right inside the field
  • Track with Accounts and Envelopes
  • Add categories and tags

Chart reports

  • Compare Periods
  • See Expenses by Categories
  • Predict Future Account Balances
  • Track Your Net Worth

You can find HoneyMoney on Twitter. - HoneyMoney Works Since 2011