Hypersurface a modern polling app built with Vue.js

A modern polling app

What is Hypersurface? Hypersurface is a space for people to ask, answer, talk, and take notes on questions that invoke personal opinions. The data from these questions is displayed in real time, allowing anyone to impact and discover the current point of view.

When you visit Hypersurface for the first time you are welcomed and asked for a simple name you would like to be called, and then you can take the tour by answering "yes" when prompted. The tour will give you an idea of how things work and what choices you have regarding questions and more.


  • Data, questions, and stats update in real time
  • Live chat within each question
  • Savable notepad with WYSIWYG HTML editor
  • Searchable feed and categories
  • Offline ready
  • Mobile-friendly


Hypersurface is built with Vue + in real time with Socket.io. Full list at http://www.hypersurface.org/info.

Navigating hypersurface

You can find the source code of this project on GitHub.