Ivia.js A reactivity MVVM framework for jQuery with Vue like interface.


Ivia.js a new viewmodel-first framework reactive and model-driven MVVM framework for jQuery with Vue-like interface.

Ivia.js supports two-way binding like Vue and Angular and a lot of its features resemble with these two frameworks, you can test some of these by visiting its home page, and using the fiddles there to play around with it & visit the docs on the related topics.


  • Creating Custom Plugin
  • Binding Data (One-way-binding & Two-Way Binding)
  • DOM Events
  • Wraps
  • Methods / Watchers and Computed (methods, watches and computed is same as Vue)
  • Events
  • Setters
  • Element Creation

These are the main features this framework is offfering out-of-the box.

You can find the source code of Ivia at its GitHub Repository, give it a star & contribute.