iView UI framework 2.4


iView is a set of UI components and widgets built on Vue.js. The UI framework is coming up to 10K stars on Github and released version 2.4 a few days ago with upgrades & fixes. The team has also added jsFiddle instant demos for all components. When you are viewing a component you can open it at jsFiddle to review and edit the code.

iView is a set of front-end solutions developed by TalkingData for intermediate and backend business, including engineering, theme customization, multi-language and other functions, greatly improving the development efficiency.

iView provides components divided into categories:

  • Basic
  • Forms
  • View
  • Navigation
  • Charts and other.


Before using iView, you should be familiar with Vue of course and with single file components. So you must have an understanding the following concepts of Vue:

  • props Transfer Data
  • slot Content Distribution
  • events $emit @click Event

There is also an iView CLI which is recommended to quickly construct a project with iView, as well as a Starter Kit iview-project.

After install & import here is a small example of a slider component to get a taste of the iView UI toolkit.

    <Slider v-model="value" range></Slider>
    export default {
        data () {
            return {
                value: [20, 50]


  • Dozens of useful and beautiful components.
  • Friendly API. It's made for people with all skill levels.
  • Extensive documentation and demos.
  • It is quite beautiful.
  • Supports Vue.js 2 and Vue.js 1.


  • Support Vue.js 2.x
  • Support Vue.js 1.x Visit 1.0 doc
  • Support SSR
  • Support Nuxt.js
  • Electron
  • iView does not support IE8 or below since Vue.js is using Object.defineProperty which do not be supported by these browsers to track changes.


If you want to contribute, have questions or bugs to report:

Questions: you can find other users at Gitter chat or post on StackOverflow using iview-ui tag Bugs: file an issue here and please provide an example so we can help you better Contribute: welcome to contact us in Gitter chat, WeChat or via mail to admin@aresn.com. PRs welcome!

The repository of iView is located on GitHub under an MIT license. Follow iView on Twitter for news and updates.