JavaScript Survey Engine

Survey.js is a JavaScript Survey Library. It is a way to add a survey to your website. It uses JSON for survey metadata and results. There is a lot of flexibility by controlling UI design via CSS classes or changing survey questions rendering and behavior or even adding new question types. The survey library web site contains lots of examples.

It can be installed using npm with many versions:

  • Vue version
  • Angular2 version
  • jQuery version
  • Knockout version
  • React version

The library fully supports bootstrap. It features an online builder to create your own surveys. This service allows you to store your survey results, in case you do not want to store the results in your own storage. It will require setting just one attribute to store the survey results in the Survey service.The results can be downloaded manually or via web API. Service provides some basic analytics via website and via web API.

Running survey on the Survey service website is optional.

At the current moment, the service is free of charge. It may change in the future.

Find out more about the library to the site, GitHub repo, and on Twitter.