Laravel Nova Administration Panel with Vue.js

Laravel Nova

If you are a Laravel (+Vue) developer you may have seen the new release to the Laravel ecosystem, the Laravel Nova Admin Panel. Nova is a sleek, single-page application built with Laravel and Vue.js. It's as smooth as silk and writing custom components is a cinch. Both the admin panel and website are utilizing Vue, which when added to Laravel can lead to exceptional results.


  • Code Driven Configuration
  • Keeps Your Application Pure
  • Resource Management
  • Actions
  • Filters
  • Lenses
  • Metrics
  • Custom Tools
  • Authorization
  • Custom Fields
  • Scout Search Integration

See more at the detailed Documentation.

Laravel Nova

With Nova, we sweat the small stuff to build something you'll love. Your application's administration panel doesn't have to be an after-thought. Taylor Otwell, Creator of Laravel

Laravel Nova has a price, $99 for a solo developer and $199 for a team, which can be expensive but it is a solid investment.

Getting Started - Deep Diving - Improving Laravel Nova CRM

If you are looking for a quick look at setting up Nova and building a blog check out this post, Getting Started with Laravel Nova. For a more in-depth approach take a look at the following 2 posts, Deep Diving Laravel Nova and Improving Our Laravel Nova CRM all by @nickjbasile.