Light Bootstrap Dashboard powered by Vue.js

Vue Light Bootstrap Dashboard

This admin dashboard

LBD Vue is an open source Vue version of Light bootstrap dashboard. The dashboard is built on top of Bootstrap 4, Vue and Vue-router, chartist, google-maps and several other plugins/components.

Check the Live Demo here.


The dashboard has multiple pages for usage

  • dashboard
  • user profile
  • table list
  • typography
  • icons
  • maps
  • notifications

In each page, you can see the available elements. Also on the right side, you can change the colors and sidebar background, and some other useful information.

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Make it yours

Documentation is available here, and help you get started and use its elements like the custom checkbox controls.

To get started, follow the steps:

  1. Download the project
  2. Make sure you have node.js ( installed
  3. Type npm install in the source folder where package.json is located
  4. Type npm run dev to start the development server

The repo uses vue-cli scaffolding which takes care of the development setup with webpack and all the necessary modern tools to make web development faster and easier.

The project is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT.