Live Coding, Hot Topics, and Big Names: Frontend Nation Delivers

Calling all framework fans, code enthusiasts, and anyone who loves building awesome things with code! Vue School has announced an exciting new conference coming our way. Introducing: Frontend Nation, the LARGEST FREE ONLINE FRONTEND EVENT. EVER.

Mark your calendars! From June 4th to 7th, 2024, Frontend Nation will be bringing together the brightest minds in frontend development for three incredible days of learning, sharing, and collaboration and one day of live coding with the experts!

Why Frontend Nation?

Forget framework wars! The creators of Frontend Nation believe that a shared passion for building a better web transcends the tools we use. Frontend Nation is your chance to connect with fellow developers, regardless of your preferred framework.

What do they have lined up?

Get ready for a 4-day extravaganza featuring talks from 40+ industry superstars across frameworks and technologies. Here's a taste:

  • Vue.js: Evan You (Vue and Vite creator), Alex Kyriakidis (Vue School founder), Anthony Fu (Vitest creator), Jessica Sachs (Ionic Framework engineer)
  • React: Kent C. Dodds (React superstar), Tejas Kumar (Fluent React author), Sylwia Vargas (DevRel Lead at Inngest)
  • Angular: Minko Gechev (Angular Product Lead at Google), Mike Hartington (Ionic Framework DevRel Director), Alain Chautard (Angular GDE & Google Maps expert)
  • Nuxt: Sébastien Chopin (Nuxt creator), Daniel Roe (Nuxt Head of Framework), Pooya Parsa (Nitro & UnJS creator)
  • Beyond the Big Three: Frontend Nation isn't just about the usual suspects. There will also be talks and workshops covering hot technologies like Astro, Vite, Tailwind, Inertia, and more.

After 3 days of awesome talks, there will be a dedicated day with live coding workshops. Dive into Vue.js, Angular, or React with industry experts guiding you step-by-step. Choose your track and get ready to build something awesome alongside the best.

Topics you want to hear

Beyond the amazing speakers and workshops, Frontend Nation offers a wide variety of talks on hot topics relevant to all frontend developers:

  • Accessibility for all: Get practical guidance on implementing web accessibility best practices.
  • Open source mastery: Gain insights and strategies for contributing to and maintaining open-source projects.
  • Deceptive design traps: Learn how to identify and avoid user experience pitfalls in your apps.
  • The joy of creative coding: Unleash your creativity with a playful exploration of browser-based engineering.
  • Cutting-edge concepts: Unpack the mysteries of building for the edge, especially with Nuxt.js.
  • Docs that empower: Discover how to write documentation that truly helps users, not just fills space.

Want to contribute to the success of Frontend Nation? Here’s what you can do next.

See you there!