Mint UI: Mobile UI elements for Vue.js

Mint UI

Mint UI provides abundant CSS and JS components for building mobile applications. The installation is done via npm or CDN, and there is a general project template for vue-cli.

Each JS component has its own repositories, and animations for CSS components are handled using CSS3, to get smooth motions even on mobile devices. To import a component, just follow the usage instructions and read its API options.

A progress bar example:


import { Progress } from 'mint-ui';

Vue.component(, Progress);

Set value as the value of the progress bar. The width of the bar is also configurable

<mt-progress :value="20" :bar-height="5"></mt-progress>
Show texts on both sides of the progress bar
<mt-progress :value="60">
  <div slot="start">0%</div>
  <div slot="end">100%</div>

The list of JS, CSS, and Form components, is quite big, Infinite scroll, Message box, Action sheet, Navbar, Checklists and many more.

Mint UI