MoviePitch – AI Movie Idea Generator

MoviePitch is an AI-powered application that transforms a simple one-sentence idea into a full-fledged movie concept complete with a synopsis, title, cast, and cover art. This project leverages the capabilities of the OpenAI API, integrating both ChatGPT for text generation and DALL-E for image creation.

In this project, we explore the capabilities of the OpenAI API, utilizing advanced models such as text-davinci-003 and DALL-E. The application employs various approaches, including the Zero-Shot and Few-Shot techniques, to enhance the quality and diversity of the generated content.


Technologies Used

  • Vue.js: The frontend of the application is built using Vue.js, a progressive JavaScript framework.
  • Vite: A build tool that enhances the development experience for Vue.js applications.
  • OpenAI API: The backbone of the project, providing powerful AI models for natural language understanding and image generation.

OpenAI API Details

  • Models Used: text-davinci-003 for text-based prompts and DALL-E for image generation.
  • Endpoints Utilized:
  • createCompletion: Used for generating responses to text prompts.
  • createImage: Employed for creating images based on textual descriptions.
  • Approaches:
  • Zero Shot: Leveraged to handle a wide range of prompts without explicit training.
  • Few Shot: Applied to provide the model with a small set of examples to improve understanding.
  • Parameters:
  • max_tokens: Adjusted to control the length of the generated text.
  • temperature: Tuned to control the randomness of the model’s output.

Getting Started

To run MoviePitch locally, follow these steps:


If you’d like to contribute to MoviePitch, please fork the repository and create a pull request. Feedback and suggestions are also welcome!

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