Nuxt Nation 2022: The Biggest Global Nuxt Conference is Coming Soon

Once again, we have reached an exciting part of the year. There’s no doubt you’ve heard the buzz about Nuxt.js, the Vue.js powered framework that is taking the world by storm. We can’t get enough of it, and neither can developers all over the world. That is why we at Vue School have some exciting News for you!

On the 16th and 17th of November, Vue School is organizing the second edition of the biggest Nuxt event out there, the Nuxt Nation Conference and this year’s event promises to be even bigger.

What to expect

Nuxt 3 has been released and it is packed with lots of exciting features. So we at Vue School have gathered amazing experts representing a mix of core Nuxt.js team members, Nuxt.js educators, open source maintainers and developers who use Nuxt.js for their production apps for this year’s edition of Nuxt Nation.

You will receive:

  • Exclusive updates on the current state of Nuxt 3, including its most exciting features and additions to the framework.
  • Juicy info from the framework’s finest experts
  • A live panel discussion from the Vite and Nuxt teams where you will receive firsthand information on how they can work together to uncover the future possibilities of these stellar technologies.
  • An introduction to building and deploying a native mobile Nuxt app with Nuxt Ionic

and so much more goodies..

I am certain that no matter which talks you tune in to (hopefully all of them!) you’ll leave better prepared to accomplish that Nuxt related task at work, to ace that job interview, or to optimize that side project.

This year’s conference lineup is packing with lots of amazing speakers:

Evan You: Author of Vue.js

Anthony Fu: Creator of Vitest and Core Team Member of the Vite Team

Sebastien Chopin: Creator of Nuxt.js

Pooya Parsa: Core Member of the Nuxt Team

Matias Capeletto: Core member of the Vite.js Team

Michael Thiessen: Mastering Nuxt 3 Instructor

Daniel Kelly: Lead instructor at Vue School

Filip Rakowski: Co-Founder and CTO at VueStorefront

Cecelia Martinez: Developer Advocate at Ionic Framework

Lucie Haberer: Nuxt Ambassador

and many more ..

What is Vite?

Did you know Nuxt 3 uses vite by default which contributes to its blazing fast feature?

Vite is a modern, lean, and lightning fast development tool made with the developer experience as top priority. Vite is an alternative to Webpack, but offers faster dev server start time, faster build times, less production bundle size and more. It also brings to the table various loaders, Hot Module Replacement capabilities, environment variables, assets managements etc.

The great news is that the Nuxt and Vite teams will be coming together at the Nuxt Nation conference to have a live panel discussion. Another great opportunity to learn directly from the experts and creators.

I am excited to see you there!

This year’s edition of Nuxt Nation promises to be amazing so if you haven’t secured a ticket then I will suggest that you hurry over to and book your seat. And don’t miss it. Can’t wait to see you there.