Playcode fast Javascript playground created using Vue.js, Vuex, vue-router

Playcode with Html, Javascript, Css

Playcode is a fast javascript playground, where you can test your web apps and make frontend experiments, created with Vue.js, vuex, vue-router.

SVG clock animation by David Basoko, source.

The main features:

  • Create new projects or clone existing ones
  • Write HMTL or Pug(Jade) files, write Js, Typescript, Coffescript, Livescript and Babel files and choose from CSS, SCSS, LESS, Sass, or Stylus, all with syntax highlight
  • Add and remove files, rename them, move them around
  • Start, stop, reload, see your app in action
  • Vanity url - Full access to subdomains (for creating apps, games)

Vanity URLs are easier to remember and easier to read. According to some SEO chatter, they are also more likely to get clicked when they are spotted in search results.

You can create a demo project and give it a unique name to set your own subdomain.

The team has created a Demo, you can check it out on the editor and only the final result.

Created and submitted by the Playcode team.