PrimeVue 3.19.0 is out

PrimeVue is a UI component Library built by Primefaces for Vue.js. Contains 50+ fully customizable components you can use in your Vue 2 and Vue 3 applications.

The PrimeVue team just release PrimeVue 3.19.0.


Implemented New Features and Enhancements:

  • Update PrimeFlex 3.3.0
  • Improve OverlayPanel Implementation for Accessibility
  • Improve Tooltip Implementation for Accessibility
  • Improve ConfirmPopup implementation for Accessibility
  • Improve Sidebar implementation for Accessibility
  • Improve ConfirmDialog implementation for Accessibility
  • Improve Dialog implementation for Accessibility
  • FocusTrap Directive
  • Splitter: Emit Resize Start event

Fixed bugs:

  • PrimeVue Radiobutton - Mobile - scroll to top
  • Calendar: Inline Calendar is jumping when selected mode is range and number of months is more then 1
  • Slider: Range feature not working correctly
  • Chips | Cannot remove p-focus
  • Menubar: should accept empty items
  • Menu: TypeError with only disabled menuitems
  • Menubar: Menu Icon in mobile view problem
  • DataTable: groupRowsBy has wrong type
  • TieredMenu (and SplitButton): Jumps to the top of the page

You can read more on their changelog from their official Github Documentation.