Pros and Cons of the Vue.js framework

The Vue.js Framework designed by Evan You has become one of the major players in the world of Javascript. Its latest rise has attracted a lot of developers and unavoidable comparison charts and articles are popping around. While Vue is undeniably a great library pros & cons are always present, so the article Pros and Cons of Vue.js framework, is here to give some food for thought.

The author has listed the pros & cons of Vue by opinion, explaining the reasons behind them.


  • Small Size One of the most significant features is its small size. Vue.js weighs only 18kb after gzipping.
  • Ease of understanding and development The advantage with Vue.js is that it enables development of large scale templates.
  • Simple Integration Unlike other Javascript frameworks, Vue.js useful both for building entire single page applications and for contributing components into existing apps
  • Comprehensive documentation Vue.js has a very thorough and well-written documentation, especially for beginners
  • Flexibility
  • Facilitates two-way communication


  • A closed community development Unlike other frameworks, Vue doesn’t yet have the widespread support of its fellow frameworks as it is not as popular as React or Angular
  • Language Barrier A Majority of the users are non-English speaking communities which are perhaps one of the biggest issues with this framework.
  • Being too flexible can be problematic

Despite being relatively new, Vue.js is one of the fastest growing libraries currently which is definitely an indicator of its popularity.

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