Quasar Framework - Build websites and apps with Vuejs

Quasar Framework

Get started building with Quasar as you will find plenty of tools that will help you, with Quasar CLI which allows you to start new projects by generating a starter boilerplate, and begin writing your *vue files.


  • One source code for all platforms simultaneously
  • Develop Quasar Apps with Hot Reload directly on your phone, without even installing them.
  • VueJs & ES6
  • Boilerplate
  • Built-in Components
  • Themes
  • Dev Hot Reload
  • Desktop and Mobile. Native Mobile Apps included.
  • Full Stack Toolkit.

Tools and technologies you should be familiar with:

Build responsive websites and hybrid mobile Apps (that look native!) using same code, with VueJs.

Find Quasar on Twitter, official website and Github.