RequireJS plugin to parse .vue components


The Require Vue.js is a new plugin by Edgard Leal, that it can be used to async and dynamic load & parse *.vue single file components.

What this library can do

  • Real time integration
  • Don't need build to use
  • Used as RequireJS plugin
  • You can use syntax detection from your IDE
  • Suport for single file component
  • Work with or without extencion
  • Support .html and .vue files
  • CSS inside component file

What this library can't do

  • Parse Jade and other templates
  • Scoped css

For more information check out the project page on Github and you can install it through the NPM repository.

npm install require-vuejs

On the same GitHub page there is a link of a usage example on codepen which gives a great overview of how the plugin works:

require-vuejs plugin example

This library is only 4Kb ( minified ).