Salon Pricing: Beauty salon pricing app, made with Laravel and Vue.js


Beauty Salon Pricing, is a pricing app made with Vue.js and Laravel. It provides features such as user actions, product registrations and services, pricing of course and more. In order to modify the app some knowledge of both frameworks is required.

The application uses Factal, via the spatie/laravel-fractal package and has been utilized to create an internal API for the retrieval of a complex data structure.

Vue has been used to create the reactive front-end components that utilize the API.


  • Allows user to register and create products and services.
  • Services are defined by a title , category and price.
  • Products are defined by a brand, name, category and price.
  • Products and Services, once created, can be edited and deleted via the 'backend' UI (/products or /services).
  • All products and services are available for viewing, in a price listing UI (/prices/services, prices/products or /prices/all), separate to the 'backend' view. /prices/all being a view including all products & services.

Installation & Configuration

  • Clone the repo.
  • Install dependencies: composer install (also, npm install, if you need).
  • Configure environment variables- .env (see below).
  • Generate application key php artisan key:generate.
  • Run Laravel migrations- php artisan migrate.

Make sure you configure these environment variables:

  • APP_URL : the url of the application. This variable is used for linking to the application in emails.
  • MAIL_FROM_EMAIL and MAIL_FROM_NAME: the 'from' email address and name. This is used for sending out emails.
  • COPY_NAME and COPY_URL: the text and link in footer, used for dev details.


Find this repo on GitHub.