Search Quickly for Tachyon Classes, with tachyons tldr made with Vue.js

tachyons-tldr v4.7.0

tachyons-tldr is a project which allows users to search quickly for Tachyon classes, scales and color palettes.

Tachyons is a CCS toolkit and embraces a different style than many popular CSS frameworks known as Functional CSS. Here is a list of Websites that Use Tachyons. Functional css for humans. Quickly build and design new UI without writing css. Create fast loading, highly readable, and 100% responsive interfaces with as little css as possible.

The quick lookup app has 4 tabs each for looking up something different:

  • Classes Here you can search for a CSS property or a class name related to Tachyons.
  • Scales
  • Palette
  • Tools

tachyons-tldr is available on a GitHub repo and was created by Varun Vachhar.