Server Components Keep Getting Better

This blogpost is about server components in Nuxt. It talks about what server components are and how they have changed in Nuxt recently.

Let's talk about what server components are and how they are different from regular components. Server components are components that only run on the server and never sent to the client. This is useful for components that use heavy dependencies that don't need to be interactive on the client.

There two new features in Nuxt that make server components more interesting. The first feature is the nuxt-client directive.

/// components/ServerWithClient.vue

    <HighlightedMarkdown markdown="# Headline" />
    <!-- Counter will be loaded and hydrated client-side -->
    <Counter nuxt-client :count="5" />

This directive allows you to take a server component and partially hydrate the bits that you want to be interactive.

The second feature is the ability to create server-only pages. These pages are similar to server components but they can be used to render entire pages on the server.

Server components are a great way to eliminate a lot of unnecessary work being done on the client, but they are still experimental. It is recommends to use server components for simple components that don't need to be shipped to the browser, but for more complex use cases, it is probably best to wait until server components are more mature.

Explore this exciting update further by watching this captivating YouTube video! Server Components Keep Getting Better