Single Page Application Starter Kit with Laravel and Vue.js


Codecast's Single Page Application Starter Kit is a package which contains two separate projects to act as a starting point for a Single Page Application: a Vue.js project (created with vue-cli and webpack template) and a Laravel 5.3 project. They're not just freshly created projects but a fully working application that can be modified and expanded to become your own application.


  • Vue.js 2.0 project create with vue-cli with webpack template
  • Centralized state management with Vuex
  • Route management with Vue-router
  • Authentication with JWT
  • Keep user signed in using local stored info
  • HTTP requests with Axios
  • Pagination integrated with Laravel's LengthAwarePaginator
  • Alerts and Confirmation Alerts provided by SweetAlert
  • Server side
  • Laravel 5.3
  • Authentication with JWT

Make sure you have installed Node and Yarn (latest versions) as well as PHP 7 and MySQL.

Check it out on GitHub and a demo.