TeleVue: Telegram Widgets for Vue 3

TeleVue provides Vue 3 components for Telegram widgets.

Check out interactive demos and docs for more info.


Install with npm:

npm install televue

Install with yarn:

yarn add televue

Or if you just want to try it out with unpkg:

<script src=""></script>

Basic usage

Just import TeleVue component in <script setup> of your SFCs and use it in <template>:

<script setup>
import { WidgetPost } from 'televue'</script>

  <WidgetPost post="televuenews/3" />

Same thing with TeleVue composables:

<script setup>
import { useShareURL } from 'televue'import { ref } from 'vue'const href = ref(location.href)
const shareURL = useShareURL(href, 'Your comment')

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