The first official Vue.js Conference VueConf, is getting close!

We’re just a month away from the first Official Vue.js Conference in the world which will take place in Wrocław, Poland! As you can imagine, it is devoted entirely to the Vue.js framework. Everyone who enjoys Vue.js and has plans to attend must be pretty excited! We know because we are! If you haven't bought your ticket yet, there is not much time left. In this article, you will find all there is to know about the conference.

Here is what you are gonna miss if you won't come:


Discover all the speakers & talks here.


Day 1 (21 June) 9:00 – 17:00

Theory is not enough. Join the intensive, 8-hour long workshops with world-class Vue.js experts.

Workshops and conference tickets are sold separately. Only 20 tickets per workshop.

Evan You We often reach for existing libraries when dealing with advanced app features such as routing, state management, form validation and i18n, and a lot of times the implementations behind these libraries can be a black box. In this workshop we are going to build simple versions of such libraries from the ground up using basic Vue features. This will help you better understand the nature of these problems and how to better leverage Vue’s reactivity system to come up with elegant solutions.

Blake Newman As an application grows, you will notice that components will share common code and state. Eventually as the application grows it can become more important to manage this state carefully, to improve maintainability, predictability and application flow.

Sarah Drasner In one day of training, attendees will go from knowing nothing (or very little) about animating in Vue to creating complex effects in performant and visually stunning patterns. The web is more than a document reader, and Vue has unique offerings that make animations not only possible, but possible to do in an organized and state-managed manner.

The 2 workshops with Blake Newman & Sarah Drasner have a limited number of tickets remaining, get yours here while they last!


The Conference program is complete with only 1 speaker remaining to be announced. In the meantime, you can follow VueConf to stay up to date regarding speakers, talks and more. The 2nd and 3rd days (22–23 June) will be filled with talks between 9:00 – 18:00. The Conference schedule contains a welcome speech, coffee breaks, lunch breaks, lightning talks, discussion panel & more.


One amazing thing you can see while browsing the webpage of VueConf, is the Conference guide. All the information about the event, the venue, accommodation, and Wrocław in one place.

The New Horizons Cinema, the largest art-cinema in Poland, is the place where the 2 days of the conference part (June 22–23) will take place.

The location of the venue was picked based on a number of reasons, but most importantly because it is just next to the city centre and the old town.

The guide includes Hotel, Restaurant and Attraction recommendations, so make sure to check it out to make your stay comfortable & enjoyable!

Why Wrocław?

You may ask, why the first completely dedicated conference to Vue.js is happening in Wroclaw? Well often the organizers of such events take many things into consideration, and may choose other cities besides capitals and metropolitan places. The city of Wrocław has quite a growth in the IT sector - the best in Poland. Traits of this city made it became the European Capital of Culture in 2016! Apart from these the city itself is a place with long history and definitely with places worth seeing. So make arrangements and take your time to explore the city, maybe visit various nightclubs and taste Polish cuisine.

There are also many options for walking tours: search for famous dwarves (small figures spread around the city), follow fantastic murals or taste a diverse array of beer brands. Meet Wroclaw before you leave!

The Venue: New Horizons Cinema


If after all these you are eager to attend VueConf but you need a little more persuation, read How To Get Your Boss To Send You To VueConf 2017, to get a ton of reasons that will help you convince your boss!

Does your company use Vue?

If so, you should consider sponsoring VueConf to take part in the endeavor of making the best possible conference for the community and get some exposure amongst Vue developers.

Also, if you are using Vue.js in production projects you may get a chance to showcase your company's logo in the keynote at VueConf by completing this survey created by the Vue.js team, targeted towards companies.


People behind the conference

That's all folks, hope to see you all there ;)