The migration helper for Vue.js 2.0 is now stable and officially released.


Chris Fritz, the creator of vue-migration-helper has announced that the CLI tool is now stable in its latest release.

This tool can help you migrate your applications and projects to Vue 2.0 with ease, as it scans your files for Vue-specific code and provides detailed warnings when deprecated patterns are found. It cannot reliably catch every deprecation, but should get you 80% of the way there.

It is actually very simple to use:


npm install --global vue-migration-helper

navigate to a Vue 1.x project directory

cd path/to/my-vue-project

scan all files in the current directory


scan all files in specific sub-directories

vue-migration-helper src folder-a folder-b

scan a specific file or files

vue-migration-helper src/app.vue

When you want to update, just run the install again:

npm install --global vue-migration-helper

Also one quick tip to help old tutorials update to Vue.js 2.0:

curl -s URL_OF_TUTORIAL -o tutorial.html && vue-migration-helper tutorial.html

Take a look at the package, here.