Using transition components without external libraries


The transitions components Vue 2 Transitions for Vue.js allows you to create transitions in various ways, utilizing this configurable collection. Each transition component has ~2kb (non-minified js+css or ~400 bytes gzipped) and you can import only the ones you really need.

Demo Page

Many alternative solutions import the whole animate.css library. Vue2-transitions is minimalistic and lets you import only the transitions that you need in your app.

Code Sandbox Example

List of available transitions

  • FadeTransition
  • ZoomCenterTransition
  • ZoomXTransition
  • ZoomYTransition
  • ZoomUpTransition
  • CollapseTransition
  • ScaleTransition
  • SlideXLeftTransition
  • SlideXRightTransition
  • SlideXUpTransition
  • SlideXDownTransition


props: {
   * Transition duration. Number for specifying the same duration for enter/leave transitions
   * Object style {enter: 300, leave: 300} for specifying explicit durations for enter/leave
  duration: {
    type: [Number, Object],
    default: 300
   * Whether the component should be a `transition-group` component.
  group: Boolean,
   *  Transform origin property
   *  Can be specified with styles as well but it's shorter with this prop
  origin: {
    type: String,
    default: ''
   * Element styles that are applied during transition. These styles are applied on @beforeEnter and @beforeLeave hooks
  styles: {
    type: Object,
    default: () => {
      return {
        animationFillMode: 'both',  
        animationTimingFunction: 'ease-out'

Group transitions

Each transition can be used as a transition-group by adding the group prop to one of the desired transitions.

<fade-transition group>
   <!--keyed children here-->

Gotchas/things to watch:

  1. Elements inside group transitions should have display: inline-block or must be placed in a flex context: Vue.js docs reference
  2. Each transition has a move class move class docs. Unfortunately, the duration of the move transition cannot be configured through props. By default each transition has a move class associated with .3s transition duration:

    • Zoom
      transition: transform .3s ease-out;
    • Slide
      transition: transform .3s ease-out;
    • Scale
      transition: transform .3s cubic-bezier(.25,.8,.50,1);
    • Fade
      transition: transform .3s ease-out;

      If you want to configure the duration, just redefine the class for the transition you use with the desired duration.


To start working with the Vue Swiper use the following command(s) to install it.

npm i vue2-transitions
yarn add vue2-transitions

in a Webpack setup

import Vue from 'vue'
import Transitions from 'vue2-transitions'


Use the component anywhere you would like in the template:

<div class="box" v-show="show">
<p>Your transition</p>


export default {
name: 'app',
return {
    show: true
methods: {
toogle(){ = !

The above markup is an example of a ScaleTransition.

That's it! If you would like to get started with Vue Transitions, head to the project's repository on GitHub, where you will also find the source code.