Vue 2.0 RC Starter Resources

Vue 2.0.0-rc

Now that Vue 2.0 is in RC stage, and the supporting libraries – vuex, vue-router – and build tools – vueify and vue-loader – offer preview versions that are 2.0-ready as well, you can get the best of it by reading the Vue wiki.

Evan You and his team have made a collection which aims to help you getting started by collecting all the information about the various libraries for 2.0 in one place.

Read about :

  • Resources for the new API
  • Standalone vs. Runtime Builds
  • Supporting Libraries (such as vue-router)
  • Build Tools (vue-loader)
  • Server Side Rendering

While we are working on getting the docs for everything up to date, there's nothing to keep you from taking 2.0 for a test ride right now!

Vue 2.0 Resources on Github