Vue 2 and Bulma based UI component library: Vue Blue


A flexible and powerful UI components library for developing fast and powerful web applications, based on Vue and Bulma, a CSS framework based on Flexbox. Vue Blu is inspired and powered by the following projects: vue-admin, ant-design, and element-ui.


See this basic example on how to use some of the UI elements of Vue Blu on a Vue project.


import VueBlu from 'vue-blu'
import 'vue-blu/dist/css/vue-blu.min.css'



<div id="app">
<!-- notification -->
<div class="notification alert is-success has-icon">
  <div class="title">success!</div> 
  <div class="wrap-icon">
  <i class="fa fa-check-circle"></i>
<div class="notification-content">
    Well done! You successfully read this important alert message.
<!-- input -->
<p class="control">
    <input class="input is-info" type="text" placeholder="Info input">
<!-- progress-bar -->
<div class="progress-wrap">
 <div class="progress-bar is-danger" style="width: 60%;">
  <span class="progress-info">Completed 60%</span>
<!-- button -->
<a class="button is-dark is-loading">Loading</a>

Take a look at the Demo and Documentation, and you can give it a star on GitHub.