Vue 3 & Composition API - Expense Tracker Project

This video is about building an expense tracker application using Vue 3 and the Composition API. The video starts with an introduction to the Composition API and its advantages over the Options API. Then, the instructor goes through the steps of building the application, which include:

  1. Setting up the project: This involves creating a new Vue 3 project and installing the necessary dependencies.
  2. Defining the data: The instructor defines the data for the application, which includes an array of transactions, a total balance, and a balance for income and expenses.
  3. Building the UI: The instructor builds the UI for the application using HTML and CSS. The UI includes a list of transactions, a form for adding new transactions, and a total balance.
  4. Adding functionality: The instructor adds functionality to the application, such as the ability to add new transactions, delete transactions, and update the balances. The video also covers how to use local storage to save the transactions data.

Overall, this video is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn how to build a web application using Vue 3 and the Composition API. The instructor provides a clear and concise explanation of the concepts and steps involved, and the video is well-paced and easy to follow.

Building an Expense Tracker with Vue 3