Vue Auth Plugin: Jwt Auth library for Vue.js.


A simple Vue.js authentication plugin for versions 1.x and 2.x supporting JSON Web Tokens. Tested with:

  • vue 1.0.26, vue-resource 1.0.2, vue-router 0.7.13
  • vue 2.0.1, vue-resource 1.0.2, vue-router 2.0.0


  • Auth Flow
  • Token Refresh
  • User Data
  • Authentication
  • Privileges
  • Routes
  • Methods
  • Options
  • Drivers

To see the code in action, see the code samples in the 1.x.demo and 2.x.demo.

Here you can find the Laravel Demo API created by Websanova to use in the examples.

Visit the repository on GiHub, to see installation instructions and find out how to deal with the authentication flow

Created and submitted by @websanova