Vue Component: GitHub Corners


The Vue GitHub Corners compoenent, does what its title says, puts up github corners! It's like tholman's GitHub Corners but for Vue.

To take a look at this simple demo go to



Via NPM:

npm install --save vue-gh-corners

Via Yarn:

yarn add vue-gh-corners


import Vue from 'vue'
import VueGitHubCorners from 'vue-gh-corners'

// Import GitHub Corners stylesheet
import 'vue-gh-corners/dist/vue-github-corners.css'


In your component's template

    <div id="app">
        <github-corners repo="Vuedo/vuedo" bg-color="#8BC34A" color="#03A9F4"></github-corners>

The repo prop sets to the repo you would like to head when clicking the octocat and the colors can be set easily as shown above.

Simple! The reposistory of this small project can be found here.