Vue-connect-wallet: Connect Metamask Wallet

Building a web 3 #vuejs application.

Vue-connect-wallet helps you bootstrap your decentralized applications by delegating the tedious and repetitive task of wallet connection and provides a ready-made and fully-customizable UI button.

The button takes care of displaying the user's wallet address, their identicon / avatar and pending transactions.

Utility functions for connecting to a MetaMask wallet are provided. More wallets can be added in the future as per public request. Feel free to contribute yourself!

Getting Started

This plugin uses vue-demito support both Vue 2 and Vue 3, but usage in Vue 2 is prone to issues, so Vue 3 is the recommended version of vue for this plugin.


npm install vue-connect-wallet

yarn add vue-connect-wallet

In the main.js file, import the styles.

import "vue-connect-wallet/dist/style.css";

Then, you can either register ConnectWalletButton as a global component or specifically import it in the components you need (recommended).

To register as global component, in your main.js:

import VueConnectWallet from "vue-connect-wallet";

To import individually (recommended):

import { ConnectWalletButton } from "vue-connect-wallet";
export default {
  components: {

Button component

If the address is empty or doesn't start with 0x, the "Connect Wallet" button will be shown. If an address is provided, it will instead display the identicon and the sliced address.

Simple usage

<ConnectWalletButton address="0x00" />

Advanced Usage

    <!-- Override the default text on the "Connect Wallet" button -->
    Connect Wallet!

    <template #pending>
        <!-- Override the blue pending transaction div -->

    <template #spinner>
        <!-- Use your own Spinner (svg, css, image, etc.) -->

    <template #identicon>
        <!-- Use your own identicon library. Jazzicon is the default -->

    <template #connectWalletButton>
        <!-- Use your own button for the "Connect Wallet" state when no address is provided -->

    <template #addressButton>
        <!-- Use your own button to display the address when address is provided. Does not remove the pending transaction div -->

MetaMask Utils

Provides functions to easily connect to a MetaMask wallet, get accounts and listen to changes when an account is changed and when a chain/network is changed.

import { useMetaMaskWallet } from "vue-connect-wallet";

const wallet = useMetaMaskWallet();

Utilities provided in useMetaMaskWallet:

/** Returns boolean value indicating if MetaMask is detected on the browser **/

wallet.isMetaMask: boolean;

 * Returns account address array if wallet is connected otherwise opens MetaMask popup.
 * On error, returns a single string with the error message

wallet.connect(): Promise<string | string[]>;

 * Get all connected accounts addresses. Returns an empty array if none connected
 * On error, returns a single string with the error message

wallet.getAccounts(): Promise<string | string[]>;

 * Opens a MetaMask popup to connect/disconnect from a list of user's accounts. Returns an array.
 * The popup opens even if the user has already connected some accounts.
 * On error, returns a single string with the error message

wallet.switchAccounts(): Promise<string | string[]>;

 * Add a token to MetaMask
 * @param symbol Symbol of the token, upto 5 characters
 * @param address Address of the token
 * @param imageURL String URL of the token image
 * @param decimals (Optional) 18 by default
 * @param type (Optional) ERC20 by default

wallet.addTokenToWallet: (symbol: string, address: string, imageURL: string, decimals?: number, type?: string) => Promise<void>;

 * Switch to a chain or add the chain if the user does not have it
 * @param chainId ChainID as an Integer
 * @param chainConfig (Optional) Chain Config Interface used for adding new chain

wallet.switchOrAddChain: (chainId: number, chainConfig?: ChainConfig | undefined) => Promise<void>;

 * Event handler for when the user changes the account in MetaMask
 * Reference for event handlers:
 * @param callback Function that takes accounts string array as an argument

wallet.onAccountsChanged: (callback: (accounts: string[]) => void) => void;

 * Event handler for when the user changes the active chain in MetaMask
 * Reference for event handlers:
 * @param callback Function that takes chainId number as an argument

wallet.onChainChanged: (callback: (chainId: number) => void) => void;


Example usage in Vue 3 with Typescript, using <script setup lang="ts">:

import { useMetaMaskWallet } from "vue-connect-wallet";

const address = ref("");
const wallet = useMetaMaskWallet();

wallet.onAccountsChanged((accounts: string[]) => {
  console.log("account changed to: ", accounts[0]);
wallet.onChainChanged((chainId: number) => {
  console.log("chain changed to:", chainId);

const connect = async () => {
  const accounts = await wallet.connect();
  if (typeof accounts === "string") {
    console.log("An error occurred" + accounts);
  address.value = accounts[0];

const switchAccount = async () => {
  await wallet.switchAccounts();

const isConnected = async () => {
  const accounts = await wallet.getAccounts();
  if (typeof accounts === "string") return false;
  return accounts.length > 0;