Powerful system for working with forms and inputs. The deep library integrates with Vue (3 version only) and provides a large set of tools for working with forms.


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Quick Example

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This example demonstrates a simple use of this library using the login form as an example.

    <form-field name = "login"/>
    <form-field name = "password" type = "password"/>
    <button @click = "handleLogin">Login</button>

<script setup>
import {FormField, Form} from "jenesius-vue-form";

const form = new Form();
function handleLogin() {
    console.log(form.values)  // { login: "", password: "" }

We connected two fields (login, password), arranged the corresponding types of provided libraries, industrial-level instances. a form and creating a handler for entering which takes on the value of the form. This is an example of the simplest form of use.