Vue.js 2.1.0 is out!

Vue 2.1.0

Many updates, with this new version of Vue. There is a summary of these changes here.

New Features

  • Scoped Slots

A scoped slot is a special type of slot that functions as a reusable template (that can be passed data to) instead of already-rendered-elements.

  • Conditional Keep Alive

<keep-alive> can now be configured to conditionally cache components using the new include and exclude props.

  • v-else-if

A new directive v-else-if is introduced

  • Relaxed Filter Usage

Filters are now also supported in v-bind expressions (in addition to text interpolations).

More updates:

  • Dist Files Adjustments
  • vue-loader@10.0.0
  • JSX Improvements
  • vue-server-renderer
  • vue-template-compiler

Check the v2.1.0 on GitHub.