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Watch the Vuejs Amsterdam Aftermovie 2018!

Vuejs Amsterdam Aftermovie 2018

The Frontend developer love conference 2-day conference contained a lot of talks and the organizers have uploaded many recordings taken during the conference. Here are all the available talks and resources (GitHub repos, Demos, Slides etc.) so far:

Evan is opening day 2 of the Vuejs Amsterdam and giving his Keynote speech on the past, present and future of Vue.js.

Evan you on stage

Roman Kuba - Scaling Vue in an existing stack

Roman Kuba stage

Slides from the talk Adding Vue to an existing stack and get ready to scale

Guillaume Chau - Apollo, GraphQL and Vue the ultimate stack

Guillaume Chau on stage

Github Sources:

Eduardo San Martin Morote - State animations Getting them right

Eduardo San Martin Morote on stage

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Edd Yerburgh - Unit testing Vue components Why test, what to test, and how to test Vue components

Edd Yerburgh

Alexandre Chopin - Speed up your Vue js development time with Nuxt.js

Alexandre Chopin on stage


Sebastien Chopin - How to server render an application with Vue js 2

Sebastien Chopin on stage

Plamen Zdravkov - Building reusable UI components in Vue What have we learned from building them for KendoUI

Plamen Zdravkov on stage

Jen Looper - Create an Engaging Native Mobile App with Vue and NativeScript

Jen Looper on stage

Ives van Hoorne - Vue Development in CodeSandbox

Ives van Hoorne on stage

Stay tuned for the next videos! (I will embed those in this post as well).