Vue.js and October CMS = Vuetober Theme


Get to know vuetober-theme and build single page apps with Laravel, Vue.js, and October CMS.

You can read the docs and get started right away after you make sure you have both NPM and vue-cli installed. They also give instructions for routing, unit testing and continuous integration services like Travic CI and Circle CI

The theme makes use of many tools and you should make sure to familiarize your self first before giving it a go, check the list of these tools:

This project is an opinionated approach to single page applications within the wonderful worlds of Vue.js, October CMS, and Laravel.

Check out the live demo to see whats included out of the box. You can try the Blog example, but first you have to install the following plugins installed (they are free), after the initial setup.

  1. RainLab.Blog
  2. Bedard.RainLabBlogApi

GitHub Repository