Vue.js clipboard plugin


The Vue.js Clipboard is a very simple & small sized plugin (no dependencies, less than 2kb minified), used to copy texts by using a directive or a method. It is a very simple way to assign something to your clipboard with little effort. When using it, an element that contains the directive is clicked, the value of the directive will be copied to the clipboard.


Begin by installing it to your Vue project by running

yarn add v-clipboard

Import it in your main file so it can be used globally.

import Clipboard from 'v-clipboard'



There are 2 ways of using this plugin:

  1. Using the v-clipboard="mymodel" directive. When an element that contains the v-clipboard directive is clicked, the value of mymodel will be copied to the clipboard.

  2. Using the this.$clipboard(value) function.

Using the second method we can click on an image an have some text copied to the clipboard.

<!-- using a simple input to paste the text -->
<input placeholder="paste the copied text here">
<!-- when the image is clicked, copy the text to clipboard -->
<img @click="copy" src="33.png">

Then you can just use the method described above

methods: {
  copy () {
        this.$clipboard("You can copy stuff to the Clipboard by clicking on any element, like an image")

Copying by clicking on an img element

If you are thinking this may help you in your current projects or in the future, take a look at the plugin's repository, available on GitHub.