Vue.js Demo App with Beego, Gorm, and GraphQL


Check out this application made with Beego (open source framework to build apps in Go language), Gorm (ORM library for Golang), GraphQL and Vue.js for frontend development.

Libraries used in this project:


  • Beego - Golang powered Web framework.
  • Gorm - Golang ORM - used instead of Beego's ORM due to better support of Postgres features (and fun).
  • graphql-go - Golang implementation of GraphQL.


  • Vue.js - used to build the UI components.
  • Vuex - state management for Vue.js.
  • Vue Router - router for Vue.js, using for routing support.
  • Bulma - CSS framework used to for UI components.

You 'll have to run it locally to see it in action. Download the repo and follow the setup instructions to see it in action. By @zohararad