Vue.js Paginator v2.0

Vue.js Paginator plugin has been updated to be compatible with Vue.js 2. You can now use it in your new projects.

The most noteworthy change is that V2 uses events instead of .sync. So, to use the new <v-paginator> element, you have to pass a function that will be triggered when the response data is fetched.

// version 1
<v-paginator resource_url="api/animals" :resource.sync="animals">

// version 2
<v-paginator resource_url="api/animals" @update="updateResource">

The updateResource function should be like this:

new Vue({
    methods: {
        this.animals = data

The VuePaginator output will look like this: vue paginator preview

Notice: There is no predefined table, you will have access to the returned data within the variable of your choice.

To check the full documentation, head to the plugin's website.