Vue's New Rendering Strategy (Vapor), Innovation vs Maintenance

This video is about Vue's New Rendering Strategy (Vapor) and Innovation vs Maintenance.

The speaker, Lachlan Miller, starts the video by introducing the concept of Vue's New Vapor mode and how it can improve the performance of Vue applications. He then compares the bundle size of Vue, Solid, and React, and shows that Vue has the smallest bundle size. He also talks about how Vapor mode can be used incrementally on a component-by-component basis.

Next, Lachlan discusses the virtual Dom strategy and how it works. He then compares the virtual Dom strategy to Vapor mode and shows that Vapor mode can be faster and more memory efficient. However, he also acknowledges that Vapor mode may not always be the best choice, and that it is important to benchmark different strategies to see what works best for your application.

Finally, Lachlan discusses the balance between innovation and maintenance in open source projects. He argues that innovation is important for pushing tools forward and building better things for the web, but that it is also important to balance innovation with maintenance. He concludes the video by saying that he is excited for the future of Vue and that he hopes the team is able to balance maintenance with their existing strategy as well as all the other things on their plates.

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Vue's New Rendering Strategy (Vapor), Innovation vs Maintenance